3 Steps to Build Solid Business Connections that Lead to Better Sales

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Imagine you are sitting at the negotiation table, and each person speaks a language you do not speak. Some people speak a language similar to the language you speak, and it is easier to work with them and negotiate. You may be worried something may get lost in translation, but the concern is low. Then there are others at the table speaking in a language so foreign to your ears you not only cannot understand a word of what they are saying, but there is no hope to negotiate with them at all. This happens more often in the business world that we would like to imagine or admit. We are surrounded by others speaking a different language, and we do not understand their wants, needs, and desires. Often, we lack the true understanding of our own wants, needs and desires, as well.

Think about how much easier it would be if you could understand and learn the other person’s language and speak to them in a language they recognize. Learning to speak the languages of others in the business world is not just a ‘nice to have’ resource, but necessary to ensure we make solid business connections and build a strong foundation.

Unfortunately, in sales, we are often taught methods that are favored by an organization or industry. Create an urgency to close the deal, make X number of contacts, build rapport by doing this or that. All great methods, but flawed if they are not focusing on the most important resource in the equation- the customer/client. People are more apt to buy from and do business with someone they feel a connection with.

With the following three steps, you will be on your way to making the right connections to grow your business.

1. Learn Your Sales Style

Acknowledging your specific sales style means you will better understand what methods work and do not work for you, strengths, limitations, and how you make choices and decisions. Knowing what motivates and drives you will help you become more passionate and authentic with others and lead to creating the solid connections that will, in turn, build your business.

2. Learn to Observe and Recognize Customer/Client’s Buying Styles

People are different, but they are predictably different, and learning their buying styles allows you to anticipate their actions. As humans, we always move toward the option within our comfort zone. Knowing what that comfort zone is based on the buying style of the person allows you to understand how to keep your interactions with them within that sweet spot and connect with them more effectively and efficiently.

3. Adapt Your Style to Meet Your Customer/Client’s Needs

Learning to adjust to meet the needs of others is a necessary step to making a solid business connection. Showing what you have in common and establishing a strong rapport creates secure, resilient, and lasting relationships with people. It is in our nature to choose to work with people whom we feel align with and are most like ourselves.

By following these three steps, you can create lasting connections and increase your sales.

Want to discover your Sales Style and learn how to recognize your customer/client behavior? Learn how you can start building those solid connections today with a free consultation with Coach Jen Bilger.

Check out www.coachjenbilger.com for more information.

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