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Phillip Athens answers questions from PeopleKeys about his business as an independent coach in Utah. He believes that leaders are made, they aren't born. "Some people take to it more naturally, but the reality is that anyone who truly wants to become an elite leader can do so. I've seen it first hand," says Phillip.

PhillipAthensWhat is your coaching niche? What area do you feel most passion and/or feel you can make the most contributions?

I am most passionate about organizational development, management and leadership development. 

How has your past life in business, parenting, marriage and life learning prepared you for your coaching career?

I have spent my entire adult life in the Army. We turn people into elite leaders, and combine them to create elite organizations. That is why we have the best military in the world. I use those same techniques to create the same kind of elite leaders and organizations in the civilian business world.

How do you use Behavioral Analysis in your coaching?

I won’t work with anyone who isn’t willing to do DISC first. I believe that good behavioral analysis is the best foundation for any interaction. Everyone LOVES DISC. Whenever I use it, it is like people’s minds and eyes are opened for the first time.

What do you believe is the greatest challenge to overcome in starting an independent coaching practice or career as a coach?

Reputation. It takes a while to build. I am still doing it.

Please provide a piece of advice or tip for other coaches that you've learned along the way.

Flexibility. Be prepared to customize every coaching session. I usually have at least 3 DISC powerpoint slide decks open at once so that I can tailor my remarks to the needs of the client.

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