William (Bill) Latshaw, People Development Professional & Coach

Who is Bill Latshaw and what is his passion?

  • William (Bill) Latshaw is an Executive Coach, leadership and succession researcher, and organization development professional. His experience comes from over 20 years in consulting and research roles within Deloitte Consulting LLP, the Boston Consulting Group, Arthur D. Little, and Innovation Associates, Inc. Bill's DISC personality style blend: SIC.

  • Bill's passion is enabling people to understand themselves better to achieve their goals with a growth mindset. Throughout his career, he has helped individuals and organizations understand how the structures they are a part of and their own thinking affect their ability to create the change they seek instead of doing more of the same things they have done before and hoping for different results.

What does Bill do?

Bill coaches individuals and teams on the goals they seek to achieve and brings out repressed possibilities held back out of fear of failure, or even, fear of success.

Bill is a Certified Goal Imagery® Coach from the Goal Imagery® Institute, International School of Coaching Mastery™, an International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified school. He is well versed in all aspects of business issues from working in global strategy consulting firms. His experience enables him to understand the complexity of problems facing individuals seeking to navigate uncertainty and change. All of which is grounded in strength-based and growth mindset-based coaching.

DISC is a tool that Bill uses to enable his clients to understand their workstyle against their colleagues, clients, family, and anyone else they collaborate with. He has been DISC certified since 2013.

Why a Growth Mindset?

The term "Growth Mindset," popularized by Carol Dweck in her book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, has grown in popularity and importance as the world has become more complex. What we once took for granted is changing and requires people in every industry and educational system to think differently about the way the world works. So, we will all make mistakes. Those with a growth mindset do not filter out negative information or seek confirmation of that which is not true. Instead, they follow a healthier approach by accepting the mistake, learning from it, and moving forward with a new approach that works for them.

When do people work with Bill?

Bill works with his clients when they want to create results in their life and that of their team. They come to him to help them think differently about the problems they have faced. They work with him to develop a growth mindset that reinforces new ways of approaching areas of their life where they feel stuck. They come to him to create outcomes that have eluded them.

How does Bill use DISC?

A Case Study on Consulting with DISC in the Workplace

A colleague of Bill's, Tim, reached out to him about a team that was a bit desperate. His client, Tina, was a senior manager leading a team on a digital initiative within a mid-sized industrial company in a highly competitive market. The goal of the project was for the pilot group to share what they learned from the digital initiative with the next wave of managers cascading digital information within the organization.

The problem was Tina's team was stuck. They were having a difficult time moving anything forward with conviction. While it seemed like there was agreement during their meetings, at the next one, there was no advancement or worse yet, and more often, team members had moved in the wrong direction.

Not only was the team going backward, but the team was burning out. The team cared about delivering results and worked hard to get there. The problem was that they were not aligned on the actions and outcomes, so they were working at cross purposes.

Bill introduced DISC to the client by focusing on how understanding yourself allows you to communicate and collaborate better with others. The DISC session went well, and the team enjoyed learning about themselves and their colleagues' work styles.

Tina walked out of the meeting with some telling insights into her team. She realized how her "IS" DISC Style blend often used brainstorming for coming up with various possibilities and ideas, which led to the team being unsure which approach she most desired.

Knowing her team better, she communicated individually and to the group the digital initiative approach, complete with a chart that described each member of the team's decision rights. When the team members faltered rather than digging in, they slowed down and thought about how to best approach their colleagues to hear them and be heard by them, based on their DISC profiles.

Next Steps

To work with Bill as an individual who is looking for a coach to support themselves or their teams’ growth reach out to him at his LinkedIn account or email latshaw.wj@gmail.com.

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