You Have the It Factor - Are You Using it?

How often have we heard the use of the term "it" in conversation regarding someone who is successful and just seems to "Get it?" Or, we might say, "They just have what it takes."

We all have the "It Factor," and all it takes is to be aware of it. It is within us all, and just like a muscle, it needs to be used daily to give us the strength to do what we do best regardless of the hurdles in front of us because we are passionate about what we do. We are resilient. Nevertheless, we carry on because within us, we "just know that we know" that we will overcome and win. Top athletes have this charisma, this mindset, this It Factor that makes them unstoppable and internally motivated. Fans come from far and wide to watch them perform just to dream that maybe they could or will be just like them someday.

And, guess what – with the It Factor, they can, and so can you! You have the It Factor. The only question is: Are you using it?

I want to share with you just how powerful the It Factor is and what it has meant in my life.

Four years ago, our youngest son eventually left home. The space he occupied in our house was perfect for turning into a BnB, which my husband, Quentin, and I started in late December 2016. We received our first booking just 10 minutes after our listing went live. Celebrations were in order, and we have not looked back since.

A message we received from one of our associates read:
"You give a masterclass in hospitality, and we're all taking notes!"

The interesting part of this story is that neither my husband nor I have any formal hospitality training. Quentin's expertise is in Accountancy, and mine has been in Marketing and Sales Management and training.

I was introduced to DISC Personality Profiling in 2000. I just knew that this was the way to go, and it had to be part of my business.

At the start of my training, I received my DISC profile report. I discovered that my style is the D/I style blend, which means I enjoy starting something new, thrive on challenges, and am a natural communicator who just loves to talk, especially to strangers. How true! When I start a conversation while waiting in a queue, Quentin just rolls his eyes and pretends we are not together. For me, making a new friend every day is as vital as breathing. The "D" Dominance style makes up 3% of the population, and with the addition of my secondary "I" Influential style, which makes up 11% of the population, I fall into the 14% bracket known as "the Movers and the Shakers."

Quentin was assessed, and that is when we discovered that between us, we have all the strengths of the four DISC personality styles.

Quentin is an S/C personality style blend. The "S" Steadiness personality type gives him his steady, stable characteristics, and the "C" Conscientiousness personality type shows that he has the attention to detail trait. In both instances, Quentin likes to take his time when making a decision and will first check all the information and data before announcing the action plan. The way he explains it is that he "first wants to filter it through" before giving me an answer to ensure that, as a team, we make good decisions.

We were made for each other. Where he is strong, I am weak, and where he is weak, I am strong. We call this "augmenting," which is a great way to put a team together.

We traveled quite extensively in our younger years - this was our hospitality training ground. Combined with our unique personality styles, it became the perfect combination for starting another successful business.

Two recent reviews have given us such confidence to keep doing what we are doing:

"I think it's perfect, don't change anything!"

"By far the best BnB we have stayed in terms of organization and hospitality! Liz was incredible! And went out of her way to cater to our needs and plans! Would stay here again in a heartbeat!"

We achieved these outstanding reviews by combining life experience with the strengths of our DISC profiles. This combination is our It Factor.

The It Factor changes the ordinary and mundane into super special and unique!

There is nothing better than your personal experience, and there is nothing that can beat knowing your unique personality profile. The combination is unbeatable; the combination is your It Factor!

A DISC profile shows the measure, resulting from a DISC assessment, of how you behave in the environment you are in. It is not a psychological or intellectual profile. It is also unique to you - as unique as your fingerprints.

Knowing my DISC personality type has given me an understanding of my strengths and weaknesses, which each DISC style has. There is no good or bad style. It is just simply your unique, personal style due to a combination of your genetics from birth, observing role models in your life up to the age of 8, and your personal experiences. This is what allows me to understand where and when I need to "staff my weaknesses." If I do what I do best and you do what you do best, then we are a good team using our individual strengths with no stress. We're just enjoying working together successfully.

Our understanding of ourselves and others goes even deeper with the added knowledge from our DISC profiles of how to communicate with others. You immediately appear to be more charismatic as people can relate to you more easily.

It's the way you live your life,
It's your lifestyle;
It's your It Factor.

You have the It Factor, but are you using it? Do you know your unique DISC style?

Take a DISC assessment today to start on your path to self-discovery!

What's your DISC personality style? Find out now.

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