Nektarios Zeibekis, Sales Coach

Nektarios Zeibekis answers questions from PeopleKeys about his business as an independent sales coach in Greece. Nektarios is an Award-winning Sales Trainer by the Greek Sales Institute and a Certified Behavioral Consultant, specializing in business solutions, by Peoplekeys.

NZ1What is your coaching niche? Which area do you feel most passionate about and feel you can make the most contribution?

My niche is everything around the “front line” sales person. Sales is a profession of communication…applied communication, to be more precise. For all of us, communication is a “social currency,” but sales people cash out their communication skills every day. They make money by communicating the sales process [period!]. It is great to see sales people improving their interactions with prospects and customers, as they become more familiar with the DISC personalities concept. It is also great to see business owners and sales managers to be able to decode, individually, every sales person’s behavior, and then be able to guide and motivate them accordingly. Whenever communication moves forward, the results will follow. This is how I get my share of satisfaction in what I do.

How has your past life in business, parenting, marriage and life learning prepared you for your coaching career?

I’ve learned the most from making tons of mistakes by approaching people with the right intention, but in the wrong way! I have 25+ years of experience and background in sales. Now, as a coach, I can claim that EVERY company and EVERY sales professional deserve a place in the market... as long as they WANT that place. Currently, my coaching role is to help sales professionals and companies increase sales and boost their business growth, either through targeted training programs, or by helping hire the right sales people and improve the performance of the sales team.

How do you use Behavioral Analysis in your coaching?

I use behavioral analysis in my coaching practice by revealing behavior principles to people in a way they cannot only understand them, but also teaching them how to apply the principles practically to see immediate results towards their goals. I’m demonstrating to my clients the power of DISC by focusing on their personality strengths and working on overcoming certain limitations we all have. As a result, the improvement of skills and advancement become a pleasant chain reaction for both coachee and coach.

What do you believe is the greatest challenge to overcome in starting an independent coaching practice or career as a coach?

The most difficult challenge is when people ask for guidance, but they don’t really want to change.

Please, provide a piece of advice or tip for other coaches that you've learned along the way.

Surrender your ego! Socrates did!


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