Ready or Not, Gen Z is Coming!

Gen Z is a generation that includes people born between 1996 and 2010. In South Africa, Generation Z is set to become a dominant force in the workforce. According to Statistics South Africa, Gen Z accounted for 30.7% of the total population in 2020 and is set to grow to 34.8% by 2025. This means that more than a third of the population will be Gen Z by 2025.

In terms of their representation in the workforce, Gen Z is already making a significant impact. According to the International Labour Organization, Gen Z accounts for 39% of the global workforce and is expected to represent 74% of the workforce by 2025. In South Africa, Gen Z currently makes up 25% of the working population, and this number is expected to grow in the coming years.

As Gen Z steps into the workforce, they bring with them unique challenges and opportunities. One of the biggest challenges facing this generation is the need to navigate an increasingly complex work environment. The rise of digital technology has fundamentally transformed the workplace, and Gen Z's communication style reflects this shift. They are comfortable with collaboration across different channels and often communicate through technology.

Despite these challenges, Gen Z is also poised to bring many positive changes to the workplace. They are driven, entrepreneurial, and highly adaptable. In addition, they often bring a fresh perspective to traditional workplace practices, which can help to drive innovation and growth.

When it comes to DISC analysis, this tool is especially beneficial for Gen Z in the workplace because it provides a clear framework for understanding communication styles and building empathy between team members. By taking a DISC assessment, young professionals can learn to better understand themselves and their colleagues, which can lead to more effective collaboration, higher levels of productivity, and better overall results.

As Gen Z continues to grow in the workforce, the demand for tools like DISC analysis is only likely to increase.

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Posted By: Teresa Richardson

Teresa Richardson, Director of TM Reworked, is a PeopleKeys® Certified Behavioral Consultant and distributor partner located in South Africa. Teresa excels in helping businesses grow their bottom line through their most valuable resource -- their people. DISC Style: D