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Dr. Rebecca Morgan answers questions from PeopleKeys about her business as an independent coach in California. Her favorite words are “Getting uncomfy is where awesome lives.”

rebeccamorganWhat is your coaching niche? What area do you feel most passion and/or feel you can make the most contributions?

I help people unleash their awesome as a human skills confidence coach. Human skills involve relationships and working with other people which is what business is all about. I’m most passionate around developing confidence and competence in people to become the boss people choose to follow. How to engage with the hearts, minds, and wallets of your people.

How has your time working at Disney prepared you for your coaching career?

Speaking of hearts, minds, and wallets… Disney is one of the best at creative emotional connections with employees and customers.

It was my childhood dream to work for Disney. To create magic and make dreams come true. I learned how to do that starting as a front line Cast Member (employee) in theme parks operations and in various leadership roles in operations, organization and professional development positions around the world.

I enjoy learning, sharing concepts, and discussing theory (I am bit of a nerd like that) but my real love, what lights me up is working with people to help them with their I want to know, I want to do, and I want to become dreams they have—and the oh sh*T I need to do this NOW. I provide personalized resources and support they can immediately put in place to perform.

Some examples include, What to wear on my first day of my new job? How do I write my year end performance review? How do I communicate with people that don’t like me? What if it’s my boss that doesn’t like me? How to get my resume to stand out and other workplace woes they are experiencing right now.”

You talk about coaching hundreds of women, what do you think is the greatest challenge today for women in business?

A challenge I see is this annoying roommate living rent free in our heads I named D.D (Dream Drowner). D.D. squats in both the brains of men and women but likes to take it up a notch for women and screams and shout things like:

 “you’re not smart enough!”

 “you can’t do that!”

 “who do you think you are?”

 “what will others think of you?”

 “no one is going to like you!“

and other ridiculous fears in an attempt to hold you back from the things you want. D.D. is very persistent and often excels. An opportunity exists in all of us to show D.D who’s in charge (it’s not D.D. or Charles it’s you!) and we do that by taking small actions towards what you want.

You said you are on a mission to change the way people lead and trying to create more conscious leaders, can you give a tip to help leaders be more conscious?

As leaders, I don’t think we about the impact we have on the lives of others. How many times have you gone home in a bad mood because something at work and that ruins your evening or weekend with friends, family and loved ones?

That needs to stop! We’ve let the Godfather become how we lead others with the ridiculous mantra of “It’s not personal, it’s strictly business.”

Business is personal. There’s a good chance you spend more time at work than anywhere else.  Between the 8-10-hour work days and then the electronic leashes many of us have that buzz and beeps at all hours and we feel compelled to read and respond immediately.

How we spend our time is very personal. Conscious leadership is awareness of the impact you have on the lives of people. It is an unwavering belief that taking care of your people is how you create successful business results. PERIOD. 

Here’s how you can start being a conscious leader today. Check yourself often. Your actions and behaviors.  After a team meeting, an interaction with an employee, customer or client, in emails your write and respond to l by asking yourself, if given the choice would you follow you? If the answer is no or probably not what could you change so the answer is yes.

Be the leader if given the choice you would jump up from your seat and say YES, I would follow them because they’re awesome. That’s a lot of words to say just be awesome.

How do you use Behavioral Analysis in your coaching?  Do you have a favorite PeopleKeys product?

Each of us as humans are born with awesome superpowers.  I use DISC in my work with clients to help them DISCover more about themselves and the awesome superpowers they possess.

DISC reports gives a decoder ring into yourself and others.

Two of my favorite products to use with clients are:

The DISC Report Personality Style to help client identify their unique superpowers and how they make them awesome and invaluable to employers. We use the report to craft their resume, LinkedIn profile, and practice answering sticky and dreaded interview questions.

My other favorite product is the DISC Leadership Report. Awesome leadership comes down to behaviors and practicing daily. This report highlights what kind of awesome leader they are naturally.  We use that to work on how to bring out that awesome in themselves at work and how to recognize the awesome in others they work with.

Do you have any advice for other coaches just starting out?

Stop overthinking everything.  Take action to move your coaching practice forward even if baby steps. When it feels uncomfy, you don’t feel like it, it hurts-- keep at it. Push through and continue to show up every day.  Get out there, get your first client, and let the fun begin.”

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