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Ryan Gilbank answers questions from PeopleKeys about his business as an independent coach in Australia. “I have done everything from sweeping floors to managing multiple offices, teams and levels - the key to it all is understanding people,” says Ryan. ryan-gilbankWhat is your coaching niche? What area do you feel most passion and/or feel you can make the most contributions?
Mostly working with office teams - I love the personal impact it has on individuals that flows over into their work. I love seeing people become aware of themselves and those around them, understanding that people don’t necessarily do things to upset them on purpose, rather they may just approach things differently.

How has your past life in business, parenting, marriage and life learning prepared you for your coaching career?
I have done everything from sweeping floors to managing multiple offices, teams and levels - the key to it all is understanding people.

How do you use Behavioral Analysis in your coaching? Do you have a favorite PeopleKeys product and why?
We primarily utilize DISC Behavioral Analysis as part of Communication Enhancement training. Helping our clients understand their teams, and by understanding, enabling them to best communicate and engage them for best outcomes.
We have recently started to use the 3D Online Report and have found this to be a huge hit for not just the immediate delivery, but more for the follow-up capabilities with regard to understanding what would better motivate each individual within the team and what will give them their best working environment also.

What do you believe is the greatest challenge to overcome in starting an independent coaching practice or a career as a coach?
I believe the biggest challenge to overcome is ensuring you have three things. First is enough money to carry you and your family for 6 months. Second goal would be you actually have some sort of experience at a high level - I know I struggle listening to a great young person who has done a course, but never actually managed, inspired or lead anyone. Third but not least is be you. Don’t try to be someone you are not. People detest fakes and smell them a mile away. Be you and if that isn’t a coach, then don’t be a coach. :)

Please provide a piece of advice or tip for other coaches that you've learned along the way.
When a client asks for ‘honest personal feedback’ on them, be very polite, restrained and only offer bite sized feedback. Test the water before jumping in. No matter who they are, no one enjoys a roasting, especially if they have only just met you. Make sure you are building trust and understanding be-fore being too blunt with them.

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